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When I heard Lauren and JP got engaged I was so excited!  They are such a great duo, and are really amazing people.

JP reached out and explained they haven't told or announce online yet about their proposal, and wanted to do a engagement session with no one, but me! What a honor!

Batsto Historic Village is really beautiful. It is my favorite location for photographs, and I was thrilled to learn they wanted to do the engagement session at Batsto! The park is located deep in the New Jersey pine barrens, and is surrounded by historic preserved buildings. You can walk around and have so many unique and different buildings as back drops, old rustic fences, barns, beautiful colored houses, beautiful fields and the lake view!

A little history about Batsto Village! (I love history!) Historic Batsto Village is located in Wharton State Forest in Southern New Jersey's Pinelands. The Village has changed and survived during several different periods of American history and is now on the list of  National Registers of Historic Places including being named a New Jersey Historic site.  The buildings were active and used from the 1700's all the way until the 1950's which was when the state of New Jersey bought Batsto Villages property. They let the remaining people live in the surrounding houses, and the last house was vacated in the 1980's. The houses and property has been empty since the last vacated house, and is up-kept beautifully and monitored by the park rangers, the state of New Jersey, the tourist center and the Batsto Historic Village committee. 

I love to take my couples around and let them see what buildings or spots interest them. Lauren and JP just wanted to walk around and giggle and have a great time! Its so special when a couple opens up in front of my camera and I can really capture true, candid moments. Once I took them down to my favorite barn to start, they just started interacting and having fun with each other, no posing needed! I was able to capture their character, their chemistry and love naturally and candidly. 

We went during "Golden Hour" which is the last hour of the daylight when the light is soft, diffused and everything has beautiful golden light glow. It was a perfect engagement session. 

Check out these photos for proof of how ADORABLE this couple was at Batsto Village for their engagement session!

Batsto Village Engagement Session
NJ Engagement Session
Batsto Village Engagemetn Session
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New Jersey Engagement Photographer
NJ Engagement Session
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Batsto Village Engagement Session
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Batsto Village Engagement Photography