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some of heathers favorite things…


tyler. my best friend. my business partner. my other half. i have been lucky to have married my high school sweetheart. he has been my support as long as i can remember. he pushed me to persue my passion in photography & helped me create my business. i thank my lucky stars for meeting him, & being so lucky to marry my best friend. <3


when not working on my business, i can be found traveling. my husband & i usually get in the car & will go to random new towns / states we have not visited yet. for vacations, we get in a plane & go to far places.

fun travel fact: i only have 4 more states to visit, and i have seen every state in the uSA!

“collect memories, not buy things” is my life motto

one of my favorite things to do with traveling, is collect a small object or anything really, from my trip. i usally grab a places business card, a map of the town, a beautiful leaf i found on the ground, anything that is special to that place. i want to have one small memory from this trip. i keep all these travel reminders in my yearly travel jar. each year, i seal my travel jar & put it with my other past years. when i am old, & no longer a traveler, i can open these jars & relive each trip with these small & unimportant items.


I'm a sucker for nostalgia - old style clothes, vintage photos, vintage furniture… on my days off, i can be found happily browsing vintage antique shops.

Meow Meow

my husband & i have two adorable kitties. shadow, our oldest, is the tuxedo mixed, he is the king of the house.

we recently recused Gilmore. he is a russian blue (with faint stripes on his paws…awww) stray roaming the area. he is the most loving kitten around. with a side of mischief.


besides our cat children, we also have a spikey albino hedgehog, elliot. he loves to take naps all day & explore at night!

laughter & smiles

life is best when smiling & laughing. i like to smile at random strangers, that smile may brighten their day.

plant based

I have been a vegan for around 10 years, vegetarian long before that. Message me, and I’ll give you tips on the best meat-less recipes!


Movie Buff! okay, okay, maybe a netflix buff! who doesn’t like to light a candle, snuggle with your love, eat junk food & watch a random movie on netflix?? also guilty of netflix series binge watching…

artisan craft shows

i love going to small craft shows & artisan markets. i really love supporting small local business’s, & there is something magical about a small artisan market. i am a sucker for hand crafted candles… i stop at each stand, & always leave wtih a new candle to add to my collection.


life is funner with friends! its even more fun, when you have a tight nit group of friends that you can say are your family. i am so lucky to have friends that i consider my family & would do anything for them. just catching up & going out to eat with a friend is a great thing to do.

Coffee Problem

Dark coffee, flavored coffee, espresso, iced coffee are my vices.

and craft beer…

going to add craft beer along with the coffee. its so fun to travel to various small local breweries & try their brews!

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