Top Six Favorite New Jersey / Philadelphia Engagement Session Locations

Top SIX Favorite New Jersey / Philadelphia Engagement Session Locations

Hello, beautiful friends!

Today I wanted to share some of my (and my couples) favorite engagement session locations! There are SO many locations in the Southern New Jersey area and Philadelphia area for sessions, but these are my top SIX engagement session locations! 

And, man, it was SO hard to narrow it down to a top list. I love capturing engagement sessions anywhere, but I wanted to create a visual list for couples to look at some of my favorite spots!


Batsto Historic Village

Valley Forge National Park

 Historic Smithville Mansion

Longwood Gardens

Washington Crossing's Historic Park



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Batsto Historic Village - Hammonton, NJ

Batsto Historic Village is dear to my heart. I just LOVE this location. Love, love, LOVE! It is easily my number ONE favorite engagement session location. I love that it is a expansive park, surrounded by beautiful pine barren forest. The property has numerous historical buildings to explore around including many BEAUTIFUL barns! Each building has its own color scheme, and really amazing textures for backdrops. Have I told you how much I love textured backgrounds? I also really love detailed and fun backdrops for my images, and Batsto NEVER lets me down. I can take a couple here, and each session, get completely new images due to how many spots there are! If you are looking for a fun engagement session with numerous spots with different colors and textures, Batsto Historic Village will be great for your engagement session! It also shows its beauty at EVERY SEASON. Summer, fall, winter AND spring! Photos below will bring on swooning. Begin.

Batsto Village Engagagement Session
Batsto Village Engagement
Batsto Village Engagement
Batsto Engagement Session
NJ Engagement Photographer
Nj Engagement Photographer
New Jersey Wedding Photographer
New Jersey Wedding Photographer
Batsto Vil! lage Engagement
Batsto Village Engagement
Batsto Village Engagement
Batsto Village Engagment Session
NJ Engagement Photographer
Batsto Village Engagement

Valley Forge National Park - King of Prussia, PA

It may not be in New Jersey, but its a quick drive and well worth it! Valley Forge National Park is my favorite, it ties with Batsto Village as my number one spot! Valley Forge National Park is MASSIVE. I have done numerous shoots here, and still have not seen everything here! You can drive your car around, and stop at various locations! Large open fields, numerous historic houses, and a dreamy abandoned greenhouse are just a few of my spots! There even is a magical door in the side of a hill that is a hidden gem! Vallery Forge is a wonderful engagement session location with various backdrops to go with any couples photo session vision!

Valley Forge Engaegment Session
valley forge engagement photographer

As you can see, Valley Forge National Park is beautiful ALL seasons of the year!

valley forge engagement session
NJ Engagement Photographer
Philly Engagement Photographer

Historic Smithville Mansion - Eastampton, NJ

Historic Smithville Mansion is another favorite of mine! It has its main, BEAUTIFUL mansion on the property surrounded by intricate landscaped hedges, flower gardens and beautiful trees. The mansion itself is great for the engagement session, but it always fun to explore around and check out all the areas including old rustic barns across the street! 

nj wedding photographer
Philly Engagement Photographer
Smithville Mansion Engagement Session
smithville mansion park engagement session

Longwood Gardens - Kennet Square, PA

Longwood Gardens is one of the nations TOP botanic gardens to visit, and no wonder why its also a top location for engagement sessions! Beautiful landscaped lawns, glowing water fountains, fields of flowers, and a beautiful 1800's built all glass greenhouse filled with every exotic flower you can dream of await at Longwood Gardens! Longwood Gardens is great for engagement session locations because it has endless places to capture images at. Each season they change the inside of the greenhouse's flower color theme, so its a real treat every-time I visit.

Philly Wedding Photographer
Longwood Gardens Engagement Session
Philly Engagement Session
Longwood Gardens Engagement Session
Longwood Gardens Engagement Session
longwood gardens engagment
nj wedding photographer

Washington Crossing's Historic Park

Right along the Delaware River, sits this beautiful historic property! Besides the beautiful view of the river, and the bridge, the property is scattered with actual historic buildings including a few old barn, blacksmith building and a beautiful mansion. In the summer, they have a beautiful herbal/wild flower garden that I always love to put my couples in. Washington Crossing's Historic Park is a great outdoor engagement session location.


Sayen Gardens - Hamilton TWP, NJ

If you are looking for a outdoor garden similar to Longwood Gardens, but with free entrance, and low key crowds, then Sayen is perfect for you! Located in Hamilton Township, Sayen Gardens is a BEAUTIFUL, massive outdoor property that you can explore the forest trails, see beautiful landscaped lawns, and beautiful greenery backdrops. SAyen gardens in beautiful every season of the year and has various blooms.


Sayen Gardens engagement
Sayen Gardens Engagement Session
Grounds for sculpture engagement session


** RECOMMEND FOR OFF SEASON- such as late fall or early spring. during the summer, its a main tourist attraction which results in heavy traffic, limited parking, expensive parking lot costs and tons of tourists walking around in the shots **

Asbury Park is a unique and fun location! capture your engagement session on the asbury park boardwalk for a mix of unique, and industrial feel images. they have tons of funky art murals, as well as the historic carousel. behind the carousel, is the historic “casino” remains which you can explore and photograph. asbury park mixes abandoned, funky, and a really unqiue feel.

Asbury Park Engagement

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