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So you booked your engagement session with Boswick Photography?

This is SO EXCITING. A engagement session is really special.

I am getting a blog post together to help all my couples prepare and be total glamorous and adorable for their engagement session. Below is some AMAZING tips and tricks for getting ready for your engagement session. You will look like movie stars and totally slay your engagement session! If you are looking for beautiful, very impactful engagement photographs, I really urge the couple to step up dressing up a notch. Putting all this extra effort for your outfits will provide the slate for amazing photographs to love and be blown away by how amazing they will look.


  • Makeup & Hair

    So many ladies ask what is the one thing to do to look the MOST amazing. This is one of the most important points I always point out to my ladies. Makeup! A professional engagement session is important, and you want to love your photos from it. I always let my couples know, think of this session as wanting to look your best times 10! Having professional makeup and hair is important on your wedding day for photos, so why not for your engagement session? Most makeup artists that you hire for your wedding offers one free trial- why not do your makeup trial the day of your engagement session? Its a great way to get dolled up with the artist and then looking glamorous for your engagement session.

    • For hair, you can go to your regular hair salon to have the hair style done.

    • Think of getting all your monthly maintenance done before your session- this includes eye brow waxing, hair dying, and hair cuts.

    • You can also go to a high end makeup store that does makeup applications like Ulta or Sephora for a affordable cost.

    • AVOID spray tans before your session in case color tones go wrong! When thinking about being ready for a session, you think of looking tan. Spray tans have a chemical reaction that shows orange in camera, and even though it looks great in person, this orange tone can still show via camera and is very difficult, if impossible, to edit out in post. So I always say, “Say no to the spray” Remember this tip for your wedding day as well.

    • If wanting to looked tan, go the natural route by tanning outside or a tanning booth- never spray tans.

    • A professional makeup artist can do makeup that goes well with your face and what looks amazing on you. It also will give you a huge boost of confidence in your look for the session. You will feel and look dolled up!

  • Nails

    Nails, Nails, Nails! Something you wouldn’t think about being important, but this one is just as important as makeup! I always like closeup shots which include hands, and those beautiful ring shots!

    • Getting your nails done before your session, insures beautiful colored nails.

    • Always make sure to get those nails nicely trimmed and cleaned for those up close shots :)

  • Clothes

    The outfits are the most important! Each couple has their own style and unique feel. I always tell my couples to wear what they are comfortable with and what represents them. That being said, here are a few pointers that you may want to consider.

    • Solid, neutral colors always work well. Colors that flow together and match together go great!

    • Neutral colors with a pop of bright or bold colors always add some fun.

    • Think business interview attire. You wouldn’t want to arrive to a interview with wrinkled or non pressed clothing.

    • Ladies can always wear a stylish belt to help shape the hourglass shape and look flawless on camera. Ladies should have a form fitting outfit.

    • Match to season- Summer sessions are always beautiful with summery, flowing, maxi dresses. Fall sessions are always great with boots, warm cozy sweaters, scarfs- and don’t be afraid to wear a comfy cute fall hat!

    • Patterns- don’t be afraid of patterns! Patterns add fun to a clothing set. Do take a few notes when using patterns however. If you want to rock a patterned piece of clothing, accent it with a neutral or solid color other piece. So for example, if a gent wears a flannel or stripped shirt, have him wear a nice solid pant to accent the pattern. Usually, one patterned piece per couple works best- if both of the couple wears pattern, it can be overwhelming. So make sure to coordinate with your fiance with patterns chosen.

    • Fitting- make sure the clothes fit your body well. You don’t want the gent wearing a baggy or ill fitting suit.

    • If the lady wants to wear a beautiful, high quality dress, you can always RENT a dress and avoid purchasing one. www.renttherunway.com & www.armarium.com are a few rental sites!

    • Match the style spectrum- if the lady is wearing a formal dress, make sure her partner is wearing something formal as well, such as a suit. You want a nice balance and match in style.

    • Don’t be afraid of formal! Looking very dressed up for a session can look AMAZING! Guys can get formal without loosing comfort! Try a nice pair of pants, a nice top, and a suit jacket over! Keep the the rules of color matching!

    • Avoid both wearing the exact same colors or hues. You don’t want to melt together in images. If he’s wearing blue, don’t wear the same blue. If you want to wear the same colors (which is totally fine, and can work amazing!) just be sure to use various different shades to prevent this. If he’s wearing dark blue, wear a lighter blue and a different color blue.

    • Nice shoes! A lot of shots are up close portraits, but for far away shots, your shoes will be visible! Consider nice shoes for this reason. Guys look great with dark brown or light brown business shoes.

    • If the gent is wearing a nice top and pants, make sure to add a nice leather belt to add to this look. A nice watch always adds a touch to.

    • Don’t be afraid of layers! Its always fun to add a sweater to your outfit. You can add or subtract it, giving various different looks and adding texture to your outfit. Fall sessions always look amazing with a sweater.

  • No No’s

    Below are a few things to avoid for your session. These are things you will be glad you thought about before hand :)

    • No hair tyes on the wrists.

    • Make sure there are NO cell phones, or wallets in your pockets. They can be visible or poking out in images. Leave them in your car or purse before the session.

    • Make sure to avoid having wrinkled clothes.

Tips for Preparing For Your Session

Almost everyone tells me they are nervous, or not comfortable in front of the camera. This is totally normal! It is my job to help you feel relaxed and at ease in front of the camera. Below are a few pointers for you and your signifiant other to go over to prepare for your session.

  1. The biggest point I like to tell my couples is to just focus on the engagement session to spend time together with no distractions. No cellphones to distract. Look forward to the time together to celebrate your love. This is something to make you feel relaxed. You are just spending time together while someone takes photographs for you to cherish. The more open you are, the more relaxed, the better the love shows.

  2. Go on a date after the session! Your all dressed up, your hyped up on love, go out and do something fun after the session and make it a full day memory! Make it a fun date day not just another wedding check list item.

  3. If you have any part of your body, or aspect that you do not like, do not be embarrassed, please let me know. I do not know if there is any issues that you do not like unless you communicate with me. If you let me know a certain spot you do not like, I will make sure to work around that and do poses skipping this. In the same spectrum, if there is something you really love, let me know, so I know to focus on these aspects.

  4. Practice poses with your fiance. Another thing that may sound silly, but it gives you a feel for how you two pose together naturally! Of course I will help posing during your session, but by practicing, you may accidentally find poses you two love together and can let me know you want to do these in the session! So stand in front of that mirror and have some fun!

  5. Practice posture and slouching. If you see your partner slouching, give him a poke so he knows to be aware of this during the session.

  6. Practice your smile. It sounds totally silly, but practicing your smile prepares you for this.

  7. Pre session cocktails. This may sound odd. But going out and having a glass of wine before your session may help relax you and loosen some pre shooting tension. Don’t over indulge before- save that for after the session! You don’t want to over indulge and be a mess for the shoot- but a lot of couples say having a small drink before the session helps loosen and relax them!

  8. The biggest tip is to just have a amazing time together and really show the love you two share. Opening up and relaxing in front of the camera creates amazing photographs and shows you being yourselves.

Below are amazing couples I have photographed! Lots of variety of outfits / styles to get your own inspo from :)

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